Food and health are two of the main factors in the wellbeing of our residents at Newgrange Cheshunt. A proper diet is vital for everyone to begin with and particularly for the elderly and the poor to enjoy life. Adequate nutrition is essential to recovery and wellbeing.

Fresh Food For Healthy Minds And Bodies

Our group of experienced cooks freshly cooks all our food at the premises. For their dietary needs, each resident is assessed individually, whether it is for medical or cultural needs.

We track the food intake of each resident to ensure adequate nutrition and consistency in their diet. Wherever possible, we use fresh local organic ingredients for beef, raw, non-frozen fish, eggs, potatoes, and other vegetables.

Meals can be taken in the dining room or the bedroom of a resident whatever their choice may be.

From Our Kitchen, Freshly Cooked Food.

Breakfast: A selection of lighter and full English cooked breakfast choices.

Lunch: Every lunchtime, a selection of two hot dishes-from the freshest fish & chips to a full Sunday roast accompanied by traditional desserts.

Supper: a selection of dessert soups, sandwiches, and supper snacks. Snacks: (Always served): tea, coffee, soft drinks, cookies, pie.