Dementia Services

The occurrence of dementia in older adults has been on a high rise. Many develop this condition at home, and Newgrange Cheshunt nursing home has a platform for providing care for people suffering from dementia.

At Newgrange Cheshunt, all residents go through an individual examination to ensure that they are provided need-based and personalized care services. Our staff in charge of care are certified in various dementia and some mental health pieces of training for elders. Practical application also affords them hands-on knowledge to give outstanding care.

Also, we have the provision for several features and facilities for the specialist to help those in the status of the person living with dementia. This assistance makes them to be highly independent and have the full capacity to live as efficiently as possible with this condition.

Electrical fittings, as well as other light switches, are supplied to help residents in locating essential items, bathrooms, and light switches. We provide improved lightings in areas that are communal and bathrooms to help vision.

The decorations we use are brightly coloured and minimal to improve levels of light and help vision. They are matched with boldly coloured walls to give high contrast.

To avoid confusion, bright plain patterned materials are used with soft furnishing. The tablewares have bright colours to accommodate those who have a poor colour definition.

Our facility includes a garden, and residents have access to the homes, which includes sensory areas. Our staff and managers are well trained in dementia care.