Activities & Entertainment

Newgrange care Cheshunt - Our staff are constantly striving to keep the minds and bodies of residents active to support people's welfare and consequently we offer a full variety of motivating entertainment and activities.

We have steadfast activities coordinators who spend more time with every one of the residents to understand their capabilities and interests. The program composed of various activities is established to guarantee all residents are immersed in every way possible.

Various activities include entertainers to be brought in, flower arrangement, baking, body massages, hair making, having exercises thrice in a week. Some of these events are tailored to meet the desires and inclination of each resident.

Two quite rooms are provided to be used for quiet time, family get-togethers, and clinical gatherings.

The various entertainment and activities are composed of:

  • Reminiscence sittings
  • Keepsakes
  • Games
  • Musicians who come for visitation such as organists, singers, and accordion players.
  • Children's choirs during Christmas
  • Mini and precious pantomimes
  • Exercise programs that are Seat based
  • Animal therapy that includes falconry and dogs
  • Chicks for Easter
  • Display of Fireworks
  • Regular events

The Newgrange has finished the installation of a state of the art Cinema room that contains blackout blinds, a 144-inch screen, and a good quality surround sound.

There would be the provision of regular film shows and other fantastic entertainment presented to the residents as well as their families. First, televised events can be shown.