Our Team

Alison Wood – Founder of Newgrange of Cheshunt

Alison helped in the setting up of Old Grange in the year 1984 and also helped out in the setup of Newgrange in the year 2002. Alison is enthusiastic about the creation of the best enabling environment for older adults and allowing them to live their precious lives as routinely as it deems fit. As a registered and efficient manager, she has total responsibility for the management of the Home. She manages the team that is in charge of care for active service.

Lynda has been working for at least 20 years at Newgrange and its associated predecessor. Lynda makes sure that active and full agenda is done as the vital Duty Manager in charge of care. She encourages and praises others for making the atmosphere of the Home the best. This action results in the closeness of residents and staff and creates a conducive and happy environment. Lynda is also a charge of rotas of the team.

David Henson shown on the Left and Nick Meyer is shown on the Right are the Directors in charge of Shervey Limited, They are the Best Group on Care Homes. Alex Macfarlane shown at the Centre is the Deputy Operations Director.

Nick and David had jointly had a high profile on their roles. They shared 60 years on positions related to service when they started in this care sector in 2007 having the first Home being the three Corners. Real passion oozes from their pores in the achievement of excellence in almost everything they put their hands on. They have invested in the creation of a state of the caring environment in the five Care Homes each.

Alex’s has a background in education and psychology. With these skills she possesses, she will be able to enrich the homes and nurture them, so they have caring and happy environments all the time. She aims to help further the development of the staff so they can increasingly emphasize care services that are client centred and meet the best interests of each resident.